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Castelli in aria

Where memories are made.

Where the playlist is loaded
and the atmosphere dances.

Where flavours are offbeat and exaggerated,
but feeling at home is easy.

We are a restaurant and cocktail bar in the heart of Castelfranco Veneto.
Conceived and established in 2011 by Max and Denj, Castelli in Aria is a small universe where finding your place is both easy and fun.
A labyrinth of elegant rooms, where no design detail is left to chance. Many ideal halls for any occasion, to feel surrounded by beauty. The common theme is feeling good.

Here you will find a food&beverage selection we like to consider trendy and up to date. Indeed, it is attentive to avant-garde trends, and yet is fine-tuned with the seasonality of raw materials. It is iridescent and ever evolving. Boredom has no place here.

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Cocktail Bar

A gleaming bottle rack lines an entire wall at the entrance to Castelli in Aria.
This is where our bartenders choose the right ingredients for innovative, fun and vibrant cocktails made with skilful gestures, and inspired by ongoing research.

Castelli in Aria is where the clink of glasses merges with the right music, with voices and the typical sounds of unforgettable evenings. A venue in the heart of Castelfranco Veneto where “having a drink” turns into an experience. Outdoor space, halls featuring sophisticated interior design, a large and convivial bar counter: we have a place for every mood.



What do we like to eat most in Castelfranco? We enjoy cooking there. And, if it’s for you, then all the better.
An open kitchen lights up our restaurant, offering an exclusive glimpse of the chefs intent on creating a constantly evolving menu.

Our gastronomic proposal stands apart for highly refined dishes — which change according to the seasons —, fresh products, and the choice of raw materials.

Out of the ordinary but genuine, elegant but overwhelming: this is your dinner at Castelli in Aria.

The favourite haunt in the city centre of

Castelfranco Veneto

An evening in the heart of Castelfranco, enhanced by fine cuisine, good wine and colourful drinks – and all in one venue.

Castelli in Aria is situated in one of Italy’s most charming medieval villages.
With its historic centre, imposing walls and ancient castle, Castelfranco Veneto features the enchantment of cities capable of taking you back in time, while retaining a dynamic spirit and vibrant nightlife.