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The venue for your private or corporate event

Private parties

No matter what occasion you are celebrating, we have a special service for it. Birthday, graduation, or a simple celebration, we will organise your day as you wish. A private party customised to the last detail – for an aperitif, an after dinner gathering, or a dinner with your loved ones.

Initial proposal from €20/person, drink agreed upon separately.

Private parties

Corporate aperitif

Ideal for team building or to spend a light-hearted moment with your team.
A space all to yourself and an elegant buffet of 5 tapas designed by our chefs, for an exceptional aperitif.

5 haute cuisine tapas + water. Drinks not included, to be agreed upon = €20/person

Corporate aperitif

Corporate dinner

For you and your team. Pamper your business with dinner in a sophisticated setting and a relaxing atmosphere. We will reserve one of our halls exclusively for you. A private and undisturbed spot to savour our menu with colleagues and co-workers.

3 courses + dessert. Drinks not included = €35/person (+ €5 for fish-based dinner).

3 courses + dessert + one glass of wine per course = €50/person

Corporate dinner
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